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Checkers (oh, and Stephen)

Hunter is our English Springer Spaniel, nearly 6 yrs old.  He's a sweet Mama's boy dog.  He sleeps with Mom, eats with Mom and likes to go "bye-bye" with Mom.
We adopted Molly from a pet rescue.  She was wearing a sign "WILL WORK FOR FOOD."  Now, two and 1/2 years later, she's become an integral part of the Voss Clan.  She's a mix of black lab and pit bull.  (Sh-h-h, she doesn't know about the pit bull!)  She's a big baby girl who likes to sleep with Mom and Dad UNDER the blankets.  She's a drooler, but that happens to the best of us.  Just a big ol' sweet loving family brute.
Dash is the product of Grandma Laabs cat, Bandit, and some nasty neighbor cat.  He gets into EVERYTHING, but the tradeoff is that he entertains us all the time.  He will be one year old on July 1, 2000.
Checkers is the corn snake that Sean begged for.  He doesn't eat at the table and doesn't clean up after himself.  He only got out once (when Grandma and Grandpa Hendrick were visiting.)  We found him quickly, but the suspense of WHERE that would be sent Mom into near-death shock!

The Vosses volunteered with a pet rescue in 1998 and learned a lot!  We fostered a mama german shepherd and her 8 puppies for a month and a half.  It was a great experience.

 PLEASE, PLEASE spay and neuter your dogs and cats!