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There are many interesting websites for home schooling.  Below are the ones that I find especially helpful.

SAXON PUBLISHERS is the math program we have used for two years and plan to continue using.  They offer diagnostic tests online.  They also offer physics, and other math-related courses.  Many times you can find less expensive textbooks for them on EBAY.

HOME SCHOOL EASY RECORDS is a computer program that is an integrated home school database.  I bought it last year and will put it to more use next year, but have liked what I have used from it so far.

HOME SCHOOL DAILY is a website for all levels of home school.  It is full of activities and many, many links to other helpful sights.  I have used and enjoyed this sight MANY times!

KEYSTONE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL is a correspondence high school that is nationally accredited.  We have had it recommended to us and after researching them, we are planning to use it beginning Sean's ninth grade year.